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The Michael Clay Thompson language arts materials are now available as an online platform called the MCT Mentor Network. These new learning opportunities provide schools and school systems with flexible and affordable online options. They have been envisioned and developed by experienced teachers and technology experts who have a passion for making the MCT materials truly a curriculum for the 21st century—a curriculum that provides teachers and students with the guidance and feedback they need while maintaining the rigor of the materials.

The MCT Mentor Network offers academically talented students materials that meet their needs and also gives teachers the means to individualize instruction in their classrooms. Students in elementary, middle, and high school are currently using these online materials in classrooms and in individual settings.

All of the vocabulary and practice books are currently available in this format. Level I of the grammar strand is also available now. The remainder of the grammar books are scheduled for September, to be followed by the writing and poetics books.

Each book can work on its own as a course, or it can be integrated into a larger course of study for individuals or groups of students. All of the materials provide rich opportunities for students to think deeply about language, grammar, and writing through a variety of learning activities. This format is particularly suited to schools using Response to Intervention (RtI) and Balanced Literacy frameworks.

These online courses can be used in settings where the student and the teacher work from different locations; boundary lines and brick-and-mortar limitations are removed.

The MCT Mentor Network focuses on individualized student instruction through immediate feedback and open-ended thinking activities. It provides a variety of learning activities for students to build skills, think deeply, and connect ideas. In addition, it allows students to participate in ongoing social dialogue through student collaboration in online discussions and activities.

An online seat may be purchased with or without the printed textbooks.

Beginning in September 2018, we will be offering the online seats with instructors. This is an additional option for schools that have limited enrollment, that are unable to partner with another school, or that do not have a dedicated teacher for the course, as well as charter schools. The instructors will interact with the students regularly to monitor student progress. Among other supports, they will set up a learning and activity completion schedule for the students, provide student choice for a variety of skill-based and open-ended learning options, respond to student questions and provide resources as needed, offer feedback and positive encouragement for student performance, provide a framework for student discussion and monitor discussion boards, assess student performance, and provide final evaluation. The Mentor Network instructors are committed to meeting each student at the appropriate level of challenge and rigor to get the most out of the MCT curriculum materials.

For questions about the MCT Mentor Network and how it works, email
Questions can be answered online or in a scheduled conversation.

Watch the explanatory video the creators have made about the MCT Mentor Network.

Benefits of the MCT Mentor Network:

Highlights of the MCT Mentor Network Grammar Strand:

The grammar texts have been made interactive and accessible online through the MCT Mentor Network. This fun and engaging approach to grammar instruction allows students to explore, practice, and create as they learn and apply grammar concepts at any level.

Highlights of the MCT Mentor Network Vocabulary Strand:

Like the print vocabulary books, the MCT Mentor Network embeds hundreds of formative and summative learning opportunities around stems and academic vocabulary. This approach allows for personal choice and engagement as students learn, use, and study language in a variety of ways. The MCT Mentor Network includes a variety of higher-level thinking questions that allow for open-ended student learning.

Highlights of the MCT Mentor Network Practice Strand:

Practice sentences for four-level analysis with immediate feedback:

Grammar IRL (In Real Life) learning activities:

Purchase Options:

There are several options for the MCT Mentor Network:

For questions about the MCT Mentor Network and how it works, email
Questions can be answered online or in a scheduled conversation.

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